Welcome at the information site on Release 1 for Cooperative ITS!


Whilst C-ITS Release 1 was acceptable for test installations, a Release 2 is now necessary for real large-scale commercial deployment.

ITS experts in CEN and ISO are working towards a complete and consistent set of Release 2 standards with special focus on the needs of road administrations and cities. Car-to-car communications is not in the focus, but will be supported also as the general ITS station and communication architecture specified in ISO 21217:2014 enables all kinds of communications. IEEE 802.11 OCB still is a key technology, now presented in an optimized way for roadside-to-vehicle communications, combined with extended features of service advertisement.

Release 2 will include updates of existing standards and new standards. For most of the new standards related work items are already active. The set of base standards is expected to be ready by end of Q2/2017 (likely not yet published, as the process of publication takes quite long time), whilst test standards will need a bit more time for finalization. Conformance testing will be designed for the extended C-ITS test architecture specified in ISO 20026 in order to safe time and money by using a standardized test interface between a test system and a system under test. The new set of base standards to a large extend will include the "Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement" (PICS) proforma allowing identification of supported features in an implementation.

Release 2 will also contain profile information, and guidelines. The introduction of Release 2 will be supported by means of seminars, where European indepndent experts explain usage of standards.

This Release 2 will be the next big step in the success story that started with the CVIS project. Remind that CVIS invented the cooperative feature of ITS which is, in simple words, usage of synergies by sharing of resources, and sharing of data amongst different applications.

A new web site on Release 2 will be launched soon, latest by end of 2016.

A standards release is a set of standardized specifications that is complete and consistent allowing for interoperable implementations with well-defined features. In general a release consists of the list of base standards together with the test specifications and accompanying information indicating which features of the base standards are mandatory, which are optional, and which are prohibited. Without such accompanying information the list of base standards and test specifications generally is not a release, except the base standards only contain mandatory requirements.

This site provides information on C-ITS releases related to all SDOs producing base standards for C-ITS. By this the release approach is enabling a global market rather than creating silo-islands.

In case you want to contact standardization experts on C-ITS, please send us an email, or call us at +49 7344 175340.