Global C-ITS - Efforts to harmonize between Standards Development Organizations


Progress and Findings in the Harmonisation of EU-US Security and Communications Standards in the field of Cooperative Systems: EU-US Task Force - Reports from HTG1 and HTG3


From the EC's web:

Joint standardisation of Cooperative Systems (V2V and V2I) is a core objective of the EU-US cooperation on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). In 2012, two Harmonisation Task Groups worked in parallel on analyses of security standards (HTG1) and Communications Standards (HTG3). The HTG1 analysis indicated that the initial set of security standards, developed by IEEE, was reasonably well harmonized. However, gaps still exist and must be addressed before large-scale deployment occurs. The HTG3 analysis involves the current differences between the EU and U.S. approach to standardizing communications at 5.9GHz for V2V and V2I safety-of-life and property communications. The HTG3 identified differences that presented interoperability challenges and offered suggestions for harmonizing these differences to achieve a single global standard.

Active work to harmonize fully the single-hop ad-hoc protocol sets from IEEE 1609 WG and ISO TC204 WG16

started in Q4 / 2013. There had been the following meetings:

A draft 1609.3 Rev. 3 was approved by IEEE 1609 WG as an official working group draft. This draft specifies the harmonized message format (WSMP / FNTP) that also contains an option to support GeoRouting (see also ETSI GeoNetworking).

Work on improvement of the WAVE Service Advertisement (WSA) started that might lead to a harmonized solution agreed between IEEE, ISO, and ETSI.

Subsequent harmonization meetings will be:

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