CEN/ISO Conformance Testing for Cooperative ITS!


Conformance testing is a prerequisite for interoperability testing and procurement. Conformance testing is well specified by standards from ISO and ETSI. It uses the formal test language TTCN-3. TTCN-3 test tools are available from various suppliers.

Test suites for the Release 1 protocols specified in ISO 29281 (FNTP), ISO 24102-5 (FSAP), ISO 24102-4 (IICP) and ISO 21218 (ATSP) were developed by the EC funded specialist task force 422 and implemented and validated by STF 455. Further test suite developments and validation projects are under preparation by CEN TC278 / ISO TC204, following the same test principles. Basis for test suite development is the ETSI Guide EG 202 798(2011) "Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS); Testing; Framework for conformance and interoperability testing" complemented by a new CEN/ISO TS on test suite architecture. A first version of this CEN/ISO TS (not yet published) was develped by ISO TC204 WG16 and implemented and validated by STF 455. This test suite architecture uses IICP as a standardized interface to connect an ITS test system (a personal computer with a TTCN-3 tool running on it) with a System Under Test (SUT).

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