CEN/ISO Release 1 for Cooperative ITS!


As part of mandate M/453 the European Commission requested from CEN and ETSI to specify a Release 1 for C-ITS day-1 procurement.

ETSI TC ITS focused on a single communication protocol stack for road-safety applications whilst CEN TC278 (WG16) - CEN TC278 develops standards jointly with ISO TC204 - covers the full scope of C-ITS and ITS in general. The ETSI silo view of C-ITS release 1 can be found on the ETSI web.

CEN/ISO developed a quite large list of standards which are relevant for day 1 procurement, including standards related to already operational systems. Especially related to Cooperative ITS and newly developed are the following standards from the CEN/ISO release 1, which are build on the ITS station architecture specified in ISO 21217:

Applications, Messages and Data specifications

Application and message support

Conformance testing

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